2011 Shred Stixx Custom Hazen Review – Lighter & Faster!

Are you looking for the best board in the wakesurfing industry?  Then this is THE board for you!  I have ZERO complaints, other than I don’t have more of them!  For the last 2 seasons, we’ve been riding the 2010 Custom Elevation & loved the board since we put it on the water in May 2010.  In fact, it led to me getting rid of other boards like the Inland Surfer Sweet Spot, since there was simply no comparison between the 2 boards.  Since riding the Elevation, I’ve been on a quest to find more boards that have similar qualities including speed, maneuverability, dual-direction riding capability, AND light-weight…and the only board (currently available to the public!) that I’ve found is the Custom Hazen.

The 2 major differences between the Elevation and the new Custom Hazen are the sloped nose & TWO pounds lighter!! The rear fins are slightly smaller on the Hazen than Elevation, which I feel helps you rip 3’s a bit easier…with that said, spinning a board with 4 full-size fins on them is not an easy feat! Getting some killer airs and starting to experiment with different grabs too.

I went with a custom carbon graphite stringer plus carbon graphite rails and I’m STOKED!!!  The raddest part about the whole process was the fact that I was gonna be stuck without a board for July since my buddy (who owns the Elevation) picked up a 2010 Super Air Nautique this year and I wanted to have my own board, so I put in a quick call to Rusty @ Shred Stixx & he was able to get the board to his shaper the day after placing the order, and it was built & delivered in just over 2 weeks!  Big shout out to Rusty & Nick @ Shred Stixx, thanks again!

The Shred Stixx Custom Hazen gets a 4.5 out of 5 on the Board-o-Meter!