The Inland Surfer Flyboy: First Ride = HUGE Smile :)

OK…so where do I begin?  First, I need to apologize to the crew @ Inland Surfer for getting on their case about the delay in shipment on the Flyboys!  Next, I wanted to say thanks to Jeff & James Walker @ Flyboy Wakesurf for putting in an amazing amount of R&D into an amazing board.  The wait was well worth it, so let me get to the review!

Mitch from California Marine Sports gave me a call two weeks ago and let me know he had an extra Flyboy on hand, and that he’d drop it @ FedEx that day if I wanted to put in the order and I said SOLD!  A week later and FedEx was at my door.  To start, the Flyboy is SUPER LIGHT!  5 lbs on the dot with full traction pad & 4 fins.  The rails are fully wrapped in carbon graphite and the graphics are crazy vibrant!  The traction pad has two arches, so it’s very easy to know where to place each foot.  The back stomp pad has a sharp rising angle and you can wrap your toes around the edge to give you more grip & control for airs/spins!

From the moment I got up on the Flyboy, I had a huge smile on my face…I felt my quest for a hybrid surf/skim style board was complete!  The board moves like a fighter jet, due to the huge pair of Inland Surfer 5 degree fins on the inside and a pair of smaller twinzer fins on the outside, propelling you through the water.  But it will buck you off if you’re not prepared for it…it’s THAT fast!  When I surf the Shred Stixx, I tend to ride with my weight forward and stance much wider.  With the Flyboy, it’s totally the opposite.  I ride with all my weight back & and more neutral stance.  Just throw a little weight forward (even my leaning) and the board takes off!

Airs: Easily the biggest airs I’ve ever gone on a wakesurf board!  The combination of speed and light weight allow you to soar out of the air, and I’m progressing in airs and landings every run at this point.  Landing on the board with your weight back allows you to push the nose out and down the wave, keeping your speed up.  But if you happen to start falling out of the wave, a few pumps and flap of the arms and you catch back up and drop into the sweet spot.  I only wish my wave were longer so I could get more air, but I won’t let that stop me from trying with this board!

Spins: Still working on landing my 3 but you’ll see from the video below that I’m close!  I literally came around so smooth & easy, I stunned myself and forgot to pump…then pearled the nose and it was all over.  My goal is to land a few of those this weekend!  You’ll see at the end I tried my first frontside 180 ollie…the board has crazy pop to it and I’m looking forward to working on this trick more, now that I know how easy it is to spin.

I’d been riding the Shred Stixx Custom Hazen since July, and was having a fun time on the board.  When I jumped back on it for a run, I just wasn’t as excited to ride it, so I had my buddy put it back in the rack and we stayed on the Flyboy for the rest of the session!  My roommate Vicky loved the board and she was slayshin the wave better than ever!  In fact, 6 out of the 7 riders that day were smiling from ear-to-ear after having rode it!  We watched everyone progress on the Flyboy and experience and weight ranged from 120lbs – 185lbs, from beginner-to-advanced!  They say good things come to those that wait, and that certainly holds up with the Inland Surfer Flyboy.  If you can find one available, put you order in today!